a short animation film - 5 minutes 20 seconds

Released:         November 1998


Director: Alejandra Jiménez López

Animation: Alejandra Jiménez López, Mauricio García Matamoros

Script:  Alejandra Jiménez López, Mauricio García Matamoros




Andares in time of War is a  film about love's ability to overcome the most destructive obstacles. It reflects on love under extreme circumstances offering a vision of an imaginary time and space in which people (mother and wife) experience the lost of a loved one (Soldier).


The Animation combines traditional and digital techniques that provide a blend of computer cut outs and image manipulation with hand colouring frame by frame.




-           2006 – Best Short – CARACOL TV, Columbia

-           CARTAGENA Film Festival - India Catalina for best short film

-           HUESCA Film Festival          - Award Casa de America, for best first time Director

-           Special Award Francisco Garcia Pasos, for short film that best enhances human values.

-           RUSHES Soho Film Festival - 3RD Finalist for category: Short animated film




Colombian filmmaker, living in England. Studied and practice Architecture before graduating in film/Digital Imaging in London. Alejandra has worked on a wide variety of projects from traditional animations to multimedia. She teaches Digital photography and special effects at various colleges around London and her main interest is to work with mix media and the possibilities of image manipulation.  ANDARES was her first film.



Producers:       Orly Yadin & Sylvie Bringas

Production company: Halo Productions Ltd

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