A Series of 4 short animated documentaries about Women and the Law.

Released 1987. Total running time: 30 minutes


The series, made by four different animation directors, but commissioned as one project by Channel 4 in the UK, looks at the status of women in the eyes of the Law.


ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL - Monique Renault examines the Aristotelian origins of modern Western laws that perceive women as second class citizens


all men


SOMEONE MUST BE TRUSTED - Christine Roche combines 3 brief gems on equal pay, rape, and the myth of the virgin & the whore











MURDERS MOST FOUL - Gillian Lacey dissects the underlying prejudice of a court case, that let off scott-free a man who had killed his wife


murders images

SOME PROTECTION - Marjut Rimminen, through the voice of Josie O'Dwyer, animates Josie's story - a girl who was put in prison "for her own" protection and subsequently knew no other life.



Production Company: Smoothcloud Productions

Series Producer: Orly Yadin (aka Orly Bat Carmel)

Sales & Distribution: Yadin Productions



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