A short documentary animation film - 11 minutes
Released:         1998


Directed by Sylvie Bringas & Orly Yadin
Director of Animation Tim Webb

Black & White Animation by Ruth Lingford
Narrated by Tana Ross

Adapted from a poem written by
Tana Ross & Noa Ain
Music: Noa Ain
Tony Fish
Produced by:
Orly Yadin & Sylvie Bringas


The extraordinary and moving tale of Tana - " a miracle child" who survived the Nazi concentration camps. Thanks to her grandmother's resourcefulness and determination she was not sent to her death. But Silence does not focus primarily on the camp experiences. Rather, the narrative tells mostly of what happened after the War. The 5-year old child was sent to join relatives in Sweden where she was forbidden to ask questions about the fate of her mother or speak about her own experiences. It is a film about the strategies Tana developed for survival when prevented from speaking out about her memories and pain. Tana tells the story for the first time in this film. She speaks about her past and the reasons for her fifty-year silence.

silence image silence image silence image silence image


-           BEST ANIMATION - 1999 Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
-           GRAND PRIX - 1999 Odense Film Festival, Denmark
-           GOLD HUGO Animated Short - 1998 Chicago International Film Festival, USA
-           BEST SHORT FILM - 1998 Oslo Animation Festival, Norway
-           FIRST PRIZE Shorts - 1998 Cinanima Int'l Animation Festival, Portugal

Production company: Halo Productions Ltd

Sales & distribution: Yadin Productions

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